We resonate with your business goals to compete and win amidst the most demanding of times. We help you expand your business. We employ big picture strategies to lead you to profitable growth, over the long term.

How Can We Change Your Game?

With our comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, we evaluate and analyze your problem statements to determine the underlying root causes limiting your profitability. We employ high-impact Business Strategy, Technology Strategy and Financial Modeling to develop a fail-proof growth formula to skyrocket your business growth.

To consistently generate profitable growth and fill the ‘unique gap’ in the marketplace, every company needs innovative and timely business strategies. This provides a solid position to your business and helps deliver the right products or services to the right customers leveraging the right channels. Sounds simple, right? But research reveals that only 1 in 9 companies worldwide achieve this feat, in a decade or so.

What Are The Biggest Challenges?

The gaps in business capabilities, either individually or collectively, impede a company from achieving its full potential. With the seismic changes in the marketplace, underpinned by technology, it has become a strategic imperative for companies to leverage digital technologies and transform themselves into powerful enterprises.

The Accurate Advantage

ACG employs the globally acclaimed Blue Ocean Strategy offering you an informidable advantage driving you towards maximizing profitable growth.

We take a close look at your business problem statements and plan clear, data-driven strategies that scale and evolve. We leverage technology for frictionless execution leading to unstoppable business growth. Accurate consulting leads to a business capability transformation ready for market uncertainty.

  • - Analyze the business and operating model

  • - Discover the ‘root causes’

  • - Understand the capability gaps

  • - Develop a strategic roadmap

Business Strategy

The world around us is shrinking with the evolution of technology. This is leading to fundamental changes in the way the businesses are being run now. Strategic leverage of the right technology can be game-changing for your business.

What Are The Biggest Challenges?

As technology is running the world right now, it is actively driving businesses worldwide. Companies are facing an inevitable need to embrace a wide array of emerging technologies. Also, deploying the most suitable technology requires excellent decision making and a well-coordinated approach, which isn’t easy, of course.

The Accurate Advantage

We develop a well-crafted, comprehensive IT strategy and ensure its seamless alignment with your business strategy. This reduces internal bottlenecks, enables scale, and delivers substantial returns on IT investments.

Technology Strategy

Understanding and investing in sources of competitive advantage generates higher returns and profitability. For long-term growth and sustainable profits, a company must be aware of its internal and external dynamics. This pays off significantly in maintaining the edge in the marketplace.

What Are The Biggest Challenges?

Given the resource constraints as well as the trade-offs involved in business, shortlisting the areas of investments for maximizing returns is one of the toughest decisions for business leaders across the globe.

The Accurate Advantage

We empower business leaders with the right insights to make prudent investment decisions and deliver business value.

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