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We leverage our Accurate Digital Profitability (ADP™) Model to determine your roadmap of Digital initiatives and a quantified business case. Our primary focus is on

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience.

Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie
Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie
Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie
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Accurate 3-step Problem-solving Approach

  • Assess stage - We analyze your Problems/Needs and understand your baseline metrics to determine the root causes.

  • Aspire stage - We understand your goals and benchmark your metrics against standards to determine your Capability gaps in Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales.

  • Actualize stage - We bridge the gaps, by developing Digital Solutions on industry-leading Platforms.


Marketing drives change. Taking your products or service offerings to your target communities, building genuine, long-term relationships with customers, and helping them embrace change is daunting. 

We at Accurate help you solve problems by leveraging next-gen platforms & technologies to build capabilities that help you achieve your marketing goals. 

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Develop ‘Deep Customer Insights’ to better prepare you for your customers’ needs and preferences.

Develop a market-responsive ‘Product Strategy’ to be competitive and deliver Value to your customers.

Embrace ‘Marketing Automation’ to free up resources for strategic initiatives.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement involves empowering your sales teams to succeed in an environment where the buyer is generally well-informed or decision-making involves multiple stakeholders.


We at Accurate, help you navigate these challenges by fostering a customer-centric approach throughout your sales process. We deploy the latest and most powerful sales enablement Platforms & Technologies and focus on:

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Developing a well-defined ‘Channel Strategy’ to drive authentic customer engagement.

Developing AI-based ‘Pricing Models’ to optimize pricing decisions and maximize revenues.

Harness ‘Sales Force Automation’ & empower your sales teams to deepen customer relationships.

Customer Experience

The main challenges for a customer experience leader are personalizing offerings at scale, cross-channel consistency and anticipating emerging needs. Customer centricity is indeed paramount. 

Accurate gives you an edge in tackling these problems by adapting a range of technologies including CRM Platforms and DXPs. We synthesize our deep domain understanding and technology proficiency to help you in your endeavors, including:

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Create a “Digital Twin” to provide real-time context and personalized engagement.

Enhance your operational efficiency and deliver immersive experiences with ‘Front Office Transformation’.

Foster strong relationships and enhance loyalty with personalized and empathetic ‘Customer Care’.

Let us Unlock Your Business Potential, Together!

Ready to take your business to new heights? Connect with our consultants for game-changing insights.

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