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Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie
Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie
Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie

We develop AI/ML and Analytics solutions on multiple platforms to solve your specific problems and needs. With a clear understanding of the problem statement, we determine the requirements, gather relevant data, and develop the models/solutions that are thoroughly tested, validated, deployed, monitored, and iteratively improved to deliver tangible benefits. Our core competencies include:

Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie

Data Analytics & Visualization

Data and Analytics involve collecting large volumes of different types of data and processing it to gain insights. This data is presented to you in a comprehensible format using dynamic dashboards. Visualization involves presenting the data in a comprehensible format and facilitates informed decision-making. 

  • Data Migration

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Integration

  • Data Monetization

Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie

Model Development& Deployment

AI/ML models are developed on open-source technologies as well as on industry leading platforms. They are then deployed to extract insights from data, automate tasks, optimize processes and improve decision-making. These models, once developed and tested, are deployed and continuously optimized to deliver value.

  • Custom Model Development

  • Platform-based Model Development

  • Model Monitoring & Support

  • Anomaly detection & Enhancement

Artistic element used in the ACG Webstie

Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Conversational platforms mimic human-like behaviors to provide seemingly natural interactions with customers for a variety of use cases. The intelligence capabilities embedded within the platforms ensure a smooth journey for your customers without ever having to deploy physical resources. We are channel partners with an industry leading Conversational AI platform called Nuacem.


  • Augmented Human Intelligence

  • Conversational Automation

  • Telco/Bank-grade Enterprise Security & Compliance

  • Rapid Development & Deployment 

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