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Unifying operations with Salesforce CRM


Our client is a major multinational financial institution, providing a comprehensive range of banking and financial services.



  • Lack of information storing rule and system (regional & global). Each business unit, division and office manage information independently in its own systems and files.

  • Decline in marketing ability, regional & global level.

  • Difficulty in supporting regional offices.

  • Increasing effort of responsible sales staff.

  • Concerns about security & data privacy risks.



  • Implemented a Global CRM system using Salesforce for bank's Corporate users globally.

  • Enabled information sharing between all units and divisions by establishing a common systems and processes for managing clients, opportunities, call memo's, 3-pipeline reporting, contacts, and dashboards/reporting.

  • Supported customer information storing through systematic recording of customer information and customer interactions.

  • Provided for access control and security based on a data sharing solution that meets legal and regulatory requirements.



  • Common view of customers according to regions are on same system that supports a globally dispersed sale teams.

  • Built a productivity consistent operating models/processes.

  • Addressed complex data sharing and privacy requirements.


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