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Simplifying Nonprofit Fundraising via Salesforce NSPS and Visualforce Customization


Our client was founded over 20 years ago with the aim of helping organizations raise money simply and easily, and is consistently focused only on nonprofits. They work with these organizations to expand and enhance their donation solutions and are trusted by 10,000+ nonprofits around the globe with the most secure payment processing services and products.



  • Client needed an ideal payment solution for nonprofits using the Nonprofit Success Pack and a Salesforce CRM solution.

  • They needed a provision for receipt generation for their Donor.

  • Sales reps were facing challenges while shuffling through the tabs to generate receipt for contacts and donors.

  • They needed to generate a certificate of payment and appreciation for the donor fetching their details from respective contacts.



  • Client’s requirement was met through Apex coding , VisualForce page customization and test methods.

  • Implemented custom Visualforce page for receipt generation as per the client's specifications.

  • Designed Visualforce page for generating a pdf that will have donor details and is undersigned by the head.

  • In order to reduce the struggle of salesreps, we provided a custom solution that enabled access to details from one page thereby increasing their efficiency.

  • Designed a component to support the above functionality.



  • Standardized payment solution to significantly strengthen the client's fundraising, online transaction and payment process capability.

  • Minimized manual data entry and streamline processes and procedures.

  • Added a functionality for Visa and MasterCard funds to be directly deposited to customers' bank accounts within 24-48 hours.


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