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About Communications

This industry comprises Telcos/CSPs (Communication Service Providers), Cable MSOs (Multi-Service Operators), Satellite Service Providers etc.


Some of the key trends that are shifting the industry paradigm include:

  • Convergence (Voice, Video, Data etc.)

  • Mobility (for personal and business transactions)

  • Network Evolution (5G, Wi-Fi 6 etc.)

  • Rise of the Digital Economy, including Digital Consumers and Digital Enterprises


We assess the impact of these trends on individual businesses and create solutions to enable diverse sources of economic value creation for our clients.


Cognitive Application Development

  • Personalization: We tailor product and service recommendations based on customer data and transaction history, enhancing personalized experiences.

  • Chatbots: We create chatbots for automated customer service, addressing FAQs, troubleshooting, and managing service requests efficiently.

  • Contextual Engagement: We enable the development of business insights through model simulations (using Digital Twins), fostering context-specific customer engagement by shifting from 'What-if' to 'If-What' scenarios.


Enterprise Application Development:

  • OSS/BSS Applications: We streamline service delivery with OSS/BSS Applications, encompassing billing, CRM, order management, service provisioning, fault management, and performance management.

  • Network Management: We support you to oversee and control network infrastructure, enhance performance, detect issues, and ensure reliability.

  • Inventory Management: We track network device levels, optimizing inventory, reducing costs, and enhancing supply chain efficiency.


Custom Solution Development (Product Engineering):

  • Product Design and Development: We design and develop new products and services, including mobile apps and broadband services, by creating detailed requirements and prototypes.

  • Product Testing and Validation: We ensure your product meets quality standards, including QoS/QoE, through various levels of testing, ensuring end-user expectations are met.

  • Product Launch and Rollout: We support you in launching product/service offerings to a limited customer base to ensure product-market fit before scaling based on commercial viability.


Systems Integration

  • Service Integration: We facilitate the exposure of Voice, Video, Data, and other services as standardized APIs, enabling them to be bundled and offered as a unified service offering.

  • Cloud Integration: We integrate cloud-based services, including SaaS and PaaS, to create a unified environment, enabling our clients to efficiently scale services while ensuring quality.

  • Unified View of Customer: We integrate data from Billing, Finance, and Network systems to create comprehensive customer profiles, enabling personalized services.

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