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Element ACG Website
Element ACG Website
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Digital Experience Management

Elevate customer engagement and business growth with our bespoke digital experience solutions. We excel in delivering personalized, seamless experiences across digital channels, fostering brand loyalty and maximizing customer satisfaction. Discover how our expertise transforms engagement into lasting success for your business.

Contextual Engagement

Digital Asset Management

Web and Mobile Apps Development

User Journey Design & Optimization

Content Management System

Digital Commerce

Digital Experene Management
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Digital Transformation

Navigate your digital transformation journey with precision. We assess your current state, align objectives, and prioritize initiatives for maximum impact. Continuously adapting strategies to evolving business landscapes, we ensure sustained alignment and success in your transformation endeavors. 

Digital Strategy & Roadmap

Cognitive & Enterprise Application Development

Platform & Systems Integration 

Data Architecture & Analytics

Cloud Enablement

Intelligent Automation

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Digital Transformation
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Data Engineering &
Data Science

Unlock the power of data with our comprehensive advisory services. From crafting data strategies to implementing governance frameworks and migration plans, we ensure your data works for you.

Our insights-as-a-service approach delivers actionable intelligence through comprehensive reporting, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge predictive and prescriptive statistical modeling.

Data Strategy

Data Organization and Modeling 

Data Pipelines 

Data Warehouse 

Data Modeling 

Data Visualization & Dashboards 

Data Science & Data Engineeing

Product Engineering

Experience streamlined product engineering from concept to launch. Our expert team combines design, development, and project management to craft tailored solutions that meet market demands and drive success. Whether customizing off-the-shelf options or innovating for a competitive edge, trust us to deliver excellence at every stage.

New Product Development 

User Journeys, Wireframes & UI/UX Design

Web & Mobile App Development

Mobile-first & Cloud-native Application Development

Monolithic to Microservices 

Open Integration & API Monetization 

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Product Engineering
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Cognitive Application Development

Harness the power of cognitive technologies for enhanced business performance. Our integration expertise ensures alignment with your objectives, streamlining business objectives and delivering tailored solutions. Through advanced AI capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing, we optimize customer experiences and empower informed decision-making with actionable insights and recommendations.

Advisory Services

Assess Cloud-native Platforms

Evaluate Enterprise Platforms

Assess Open-source libraries

Model Development & Deployment 

Model Monitoring & Enhancement

Cognitive Applicatin Develoment

Cloud & DevOps

Maximize efficiency with our Cloud & DevOps services. We assess your infrastructure, design customized strategies, and implement automation for seamless application development and deployment.

We offer Cloud & DevOps services by assessing client infrastructure and processes, designing tailored DevOps strategies, and implementing automation for build, test, and deployment pipelines.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Migration

Application Modernization 

On-prem cloud deployment

Cloud Operations

Site Reliability Engineering

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Cloud & DevOps
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Systems Integration

Streamline operations with our expert systems integration services. We seamlessly integrate applications and platforms using standardized APIs, ensuring smooth communication and functionality. Our goal is to optimize efficiency and enhance data flow, supporting informed decision-making for improved business performance.

Enterprise Application Integration

Platform Integration

API Management


CI/CD enabled build & validation

Maintenance and support

Systems Integration

Intelligent Automation

Enhance operational efficiency with intelligent automation (IA) leveraging AI, ML, and robotics. We enable real-time responsiveness and accurate decision-making, reducing manual efforts and costs. Our tailored solutions range from mimicking human actions to enhancing operational intelligence, delivered through Service-as-a-Software for seamless integration and efficiency.

Automation Assessment

Service Delivery

Service Operations

Workflow Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Test Automation

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Intelligent Automation
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Solution Delivery

Efficiently execute projects with our hybrid onsite and offshore model. We combine local and remote teams for cost-effective resource allocation and round-the-clock productivity, ensuring close collaboration and adherence to project timelines and quality standards. With a client-centric approach, global delivery model, and domain expertise, we consistently solve business challenges, positioning ourselves as industry leaders.

Onsite Consulting

Offshore Development

Managed Services

Industry Expertise

Partner Ecosystem

Global Presence

Solution Delivery

Connect with our consultants for game-changing insights.

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