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Elevating Customer Retention and Boosting Sales with Adobe Campaign


Our client is a renowned international fashion retailer known for its trendy and affordable clothing, accessories, and home goods. With a wide range for everyone, they emphasize sustainability and are popular for their fast fashion approach and diverse style offerings across the globe.



  • Enjoying a global clientele, the fashion brand grappled with declining email open rates and engagement.

  • Revitalizing email marketing strategies, increasing customer retention, and driving sales.



  • Transitioned the brand's vast email subscriber database to Adobe Campaign.

  • Designed and implemented automated drip campaigns tailored to customer segments.

  • Leveraged dynamic content features, ensuring emails that resonate with individual recipient's past interactions and preferences.

  • Monitored campaign performances in real-time, iterating based on feedback and metrics.



  • A noticeable 30% increase in email open rates

  • 20% rise in click-through rates

  • Rejuvenated customer engagement leading to higher sales.

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