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Enabled comprehensive Customer Engagement with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Updated: Aug 30


Our client is a global hospitality chain with 4,500+ Hotels, Resorts and timeshare properties with 745,000+ rooms in 97 countries and territories. They were plagued with inefficient sales operations, duplicate and unstructured data leading to limited customer insights. The delays in fulfilling orders and responding to inquiries was resulting in poor customer experience and significant loss of revenues.


Our Solution

Configured and customized Salesforce Sales cloud to meet the client's specific sales processes and requirements, including:

  • Standardized core sales processes by mapping the sales pipeline from lead generation to closure

  • Enabled Sales Automation by automating repetitive activities and streamlining sales processes using standard workflows & approvals

  • Implemented Sales Cloud's forecasting functionality to predict sales based on historical data, pipeline and other relevant parameters



The increased automation lowered error rates and shortened sales cycles. Sales productivity went up leading to a 28% increase in revenue per room and a 16% increase in customer retention.

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