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Enhancing shopping experiences using Adobe Target


Our client is a prominent low-cost carrier known for its extensive domestic network and international flights to various destinations.



  • While the client had a well-established e-commerce platform, they experienced stagnation in user engagement and conversion rates on their product pages.

  • We needed to elevate conversion rates and enhance the shopping experience.



  • Integrated Adobe Target, paving the way for robust experimentation.

  • Strategically planned and executed A/B and multivariate tests on product pages, evaluating different layouts, CTAs, and content placements.

  • Employed Target’s AI-driven personalization algorithms, serving content dynamically based on user behaviors, browsing patterns, and purchase histories.

  • Refined user journey maps based on insights drawn from continuous testing.



  • Realized a 25% uptick in conversion rates within three months, greater user satisfaction, and an enhanced, personalized shopping experience.


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