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Personalize Engagement, at scale by implementing a Conversational AI tool

Updated: Sep 6


Our client is an India-based comprehensive financial services provider with AUM of $9+ Billion, offering finances, loans, investment advisory and more. They were struggling to provide consistent, omni-channel customer engagement across all the key touchpoints. Besides, a long Average Handle Time (AHT) at call centers and manual intervention was lowering customer satisfaction.


Our Solution

Deployed a Conversational AI platform, including:

  • A virtual assistant on the website and mobile platform to meet the needs of various financial products and services.

  • Automated the processes for applying and tracking loans for new and existing customers.

  • Ability to make EMI payments online.



The implementation of the conversational AI allowed loan requests per month to go beyond $150 million. More than 70 thousand customers have interacted with the platform and more than 600 thousand interactions have been processed.

Self service accuracy was 99.67% and this led to a 52% increase in customer engagement.

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