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Revolutionizing advertisements using Adobe Advertising Cloud


Our client is a renowned international footwear company, recognized for its stylish and comfortable shoes, committed to providing affordable and fashionable footwear for people worldwide.



  • While the brand enjoyed substantial organic reach, their paid advertising efforts across platforms were fragmented and lacked cohesion.



  • Consolidated various ad accounts under the Adobe Advertising Cloud umbrella.

  • Employed its cross-channel optimization capabilities, ensuring consistent messaging and effective budget allocation.

  • Used machine learning to predict best-performing platforms and dynamically adjusted bids in real-time.

  • Regularly reviewed campaign analytics to refine advertising strategies.



  • Unified advertising strategies, optimized ad spend, and improved ROI.

  • Achieved a 35% increase in ad-related conversions, 20% reduction in ad spend, and an enhanced cross-channel brand presence.


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