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Revolutionizing Automotive Warranty Management through Salesforce Sales and Community Cloud


Our client is a global vehicle manufacturer with 2 decades specializing in small and medium segment cars and motorcycles. The company has a vision to become the world’s leading manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides financial and mobility services.



  • High touch time to sell and process warranty products. When new warranty products or programs were released, the time to market was 3+ months due to system upgrades to manage the new products.

  • Manual enter many data points into a contract and on-premise systems.

  • No real-time access to the contracts, or quotes.

  • Challenging for service providers to access information on what kind of warranty would be applicable.



  • Salesforce Sales Cloud was used to enable workflows, approvals, APIs, Lightning Components, and Reports & Dashboards.

  • Salesforce was used to enable the enrollment of vehicles in warranty contract programs, and store the data for future use and reference by dealerships and service providers.

  • Salesforce Community Cloud was used to enable dealers to have access to the eco system engine to build and generate the quotes and contracts, but not expose confidential and proprietary data.



  • Time to market has been reduced from 3+ months to minutes for new warranty programs and products, which can be done by a business person, rather than an IT project team.

  • Implemented a Guided selling system that helps dealerships know what warranty products each VIN is eligible for to reduce human error.

  • Service providers are able to pull warranty information on a VIN in real-time to ensure the vehicle is able to make a warranty claim.


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