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Streamlining Recruitment Processes by implementing Salesforce Lightning & Marketing Cloud.


Our client is a renowned Global Recruitment business operating across the world. The business has grown successfully but needed to improve productivity to maintain profitable growth.



  • The client's CRM system was outdated, and it was impossible to deliver technology change at pace with market conditions. The business had been creating shadow IT solutions to try and provide the insight and collaboration to continue the business’s growth.

  • With 8 different databases across country, market collaboration was not possible.

  • Lack of ability to change the solution quickly, meaning quick wins and major changes take years to deliver.

  • Minimum engagement meant poor data quality and large volumes of stale data existed.

  • No ability to communicate across channels with Clients and Candidates Limited integrations with Marketing platforms generating Job Leads.



  • A Customer and Consultant Engagement platform was built on the Lightning platform.

  • High use of Salesforce ecosystem products to quickly extend and enhance core CRM capabilities, including Improved Help for higher engagement and adoption Integrations.

  • Integration with Marketing Cloud was done to provide near real time notifications of Leads and Engagement from clients and prospects

  • Triggering of multi- channel communications via SMS or email through Marketing Cloud and SMS360.



  • Single platform for the whole front and middle office business to operate on, increasing collaboration and insights.

  • Intuitive and modern UX in tune with consumer IT experiences from the workforce.

  • Automated tasks to reduce Consultant workload to allow them to concentrate on value added tasks.

  • Responsive change and release process to allow global and local changes in line with market conditions.

  • Reliable datasets for increased trust and reliance on data to make business decisions.

  • Connected customer journeys visible and transparent in Salesforce throughout the client and candidate lifecycle.


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